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On July 18th the OCWD Directors approved the 2018 Term Sheet to purchase desalinated water from Poseidon Resources.
If you are as mad at the slim majority of Directors who voted for “approval” as I am, I sympathize with you.

Do you believe as I do that a goodly measure of skullduggery was and is afoot? Why were negotiations for the Term Sheet done in secret with no oversight? Why did it take 23 secret meetings over 2 and a half years to negotiate a new Term Sheet? Then, why the hurry for approval by the Board? Especially since 5 of the Directors were secret negotiators for OCWD? But, more importantly,…

…Why did the OCWD Board approve a nearly $450 per acre-foot increase in the price of Poseidon water than was approved in 2015?

And, why all the obfuscation, semantic trickery, and arithmetic non-sequiturs in OCWD’s Staff presentation at the July 18 public meeting?

Well, if you’re like me, as a ratepayer, I’m spitting nails!

Now, what to do about it? Get involved. Remember when R4RD said that Poseidon needed 3 more permits for its project and Poseidon repeatedly claimed it needed only one. We were right all along. Poseidon needed 3!
The Poseidon project got its nod from the State Lands Commission, which is currently under civil protest. But Poseidon still needs an NPDES permit from the Regional Water Quality Control Board and a Coastal Development Permit from the California Coastal Commission. Neither of which is a slam dunk by any means.
Stay tuned to messages for what you may do to put a halt to the Poseidon boondoggle.
One way to manage our collective anger is to be present when the Poseidon project finally gets The Boot! You will not want to miss it!
Regards to you all,
-Dave Hamilton, v.p.

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