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    NRDC White Paper on Desalination

  • There is a lot of information on why the OCWD should proceed with the utmost of caution in their pursuit of Poseidon’s desalinated water. A White Paper by National Resources Defense Council lays out the facts very thoroughly.




  • Native Gardens and money back!

  • Take out that old lawn and put in a new native garden and the Metropolitan Water District of Orange County will pay you for each square foot of grass that leaves your yard. Be sure to contact them first before you take out the grass. There is a process to follow.


    Here is an example of a local Native Garden.

    Displaying IMG_0629.jpg

  • Billions of Gallons of Water sent to China per year

  • This story highlights the importance of water management. Do we really need Poseidon?? NO!


World Wide

    Beware the Drought

  • Here’s a couple of “big picture” thoughts from Joe Geever;
    - water supply managers often plan around an “average” rainfall. But our rainfall pattern is such that, if you take almost any 10 year period, eight of the ten years will be below average (hence the lyrics, “it never rains in California, but man it pours”). Predicting supply and demand on an “average rainfall” is a total misunderstanding of what “averages” represent — it’s a mathematical error.
    - wet and dry periods in the West are as predictable as the sun coming up. If we don’t properly plan for dry periods, then a drought is a “man-made disaster.” We should have learned that during the “Dust Bowl” — arguably this country’s worst “natural disaster.” (And not the same circumstance as we have now). But we didn’t. We learned to pump groundwater — and we’ve nearly destroyed the Ogalalla Aquifer by continuing to irrigate “farmland” in what is really a dry “grassland” — a place once known as “No Man’s Land.”
    - this weather pattern will get more dramatic as the climate changes.
    - natural watersheds once evened out the wet and dry periods. Watersheds capture rain and let it percolate into the ground. This natural process recharges groundwater basins, mitigates floods, and maintains in-stream flows even when it gets dry. But natural watersheds in this region have been dramatically altered by impervious surfaces.

    So, given these pretty indisputable facts, is OCWD engaged in proper planning for the long-term?

    1. conservation (demand reduction) should be the number one priority.
    OCWD grade: C-

  • Conserve Water Now No Desal Later!

  • Join with H2OC Over Watering is Out campaign and check your sprinklers. Are you watering the street?



  • We don’t need it!  Ocean desalination:

    …is highly energy intensive and expensive,

    …and will hinder other water supply options that are less costly and better for the environment, such as water conservation, wastewater recycling, and stormwater harvesting.

    The Poseidon proposal has not even gotten approval from local and regional water agencies. None have committed to purchasing Poseidon’s water.

    We don’t want it! 

    The Poseidon project uses outdated and environmentally harmful technology that: (more…)