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Poseidon Fact Sheets

Here are a collection of fact sheets and other important documents regarding Poseidon. The fact sheets include:
a. Legal Inconsistencies with the Huntington Beach Local Coastal Program and the
California Coastal Act
b. Profile of $650B Brookfield Asset Management and Poseidon Water
c. Carlsbad: A Cautionary Experience
d. Lack of Need for Poseidon Water and Alternatives
e. Coastal Hazards: Sea Level Rise, Flooding and Tsunami
f. Coastal Hazards: Sea Level Rise Simulations and Scenarios
g. Seismic Hazards
h. Desalination Facilities as Critical Infrastructure
i. Climate Change and GHG Emissions
j. Environmental Justice
k. Marine Life Impacts: Marine Life Mortality: Entrainment & Toxic Brine
l. Marine Life Impacts: Impact to MPAs
m. Inadequate Mitigation for Impacts to Marine Life and Wetlands

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