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Is Poseidon going to replace HB’s Water?

Is the Huntington Beach City Council aware of some of the changes Poseidon Resources is proposing for its proposed Huntington Beach desalination facility?  The City has already granted many of the entitlements Poseidon would need for its project.  But apparently Poseidon may need new agreements with the City.

Poseidon may be planning to ask Huntington Beach to forego pumping water from the groundwater basin and instead take the Poseidon water directly into the City’s water system.

Does Huntington Beach City Council know about this? Is it true or has it come to pass?

There may be potential problems with taking the water directly into the City’s system.  For example, if the water is too high in boron concentration, it may be harmful to ornamental vegetation.  Also, Poseidon’s desal water will be much higher in total dissolved solids and residual salts than the current groundwater and imported water sources.

And what  about the high price of the water?  If the City of Huntington Beach agrees to take the Poseidon water and forego pumping water from the basin like it does now, how much of that water will HB be committed  to take, and what will the additional cost be? And why would the City want to pay that additional cost if other better and cheaper alternatives are available? How could the City Council justify such a plan?

The City of Huntington Beach should not go forward with any plans with Poseidon water or the Orange County Water District unless the public is fully informed and pubic comment is solicited.

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