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David Rosenfeld quickly describes Poseidon Resources’ Lame Strategy

Interested in reading a comprehensive description of Poseidon’s self inflected problems?

Read this May 29, 2012 summary of confused moves by Poseidon Resources

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Support Smart Water Solutions – Not Salt Water Solutions

The California Coastal Commission, California
State Lands Commission, and the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Board are
going to hear the proposal for the construction of an ocean desalination
facility in Huntington Beach, CA. Poseidon Resources, a private water
speculator, is seeking permission to co-locate a 50-million-gallon-per-day
ocean desalination facility with the existing power generating station in
Huntington Beach. This project is expensive, contradicts statewide
energy/climate/marine protection goals, may prolong the use of an antiquated
open seawater intake system that kills marine life, and undermines other smart
water solutions such as increased water conservation and reuse.

Tell decision-makers to oppose Poseidon’s ocean

desalination proposal in Huntington Beach!

Sign the petition   so that your
comments will go on public record. Click HERE to go to the OCDC’s Web Site

This project needs to be stopped in Huntington Beach. If this project is approved,
it could set the precedent for the approval of other expensive and environmentally
destructive desalination facilities in California.

OCDC is a growing coalition of: Food & Water Watch, Surfrider
Foundation, Residents for Responsible Desalination (R4RD), Orange County
Coastkeeper, Desal Response Group, and Orange County League of Conservation







Published: March 15, 2012 Updated: March 16, 2012 2:43 p.m. The Register

Eco groups appeal Poseidon desalination plant OK

Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board has 120 days to approve or deny appeal.

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Four local environmental groups have filed an appeal of the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board approval of a permit for the Poseidon Desalination plant in Huntington Beach.

The Surfrider Foundation, Residents for Responsible Desalination, Orange County Coastkeeper and Coast Environmental Rights Foundation are behind the appeal, filed Wednesday, saying the board failed to apply the appropriate law that would “protect marine life from the destructive impacts that would result from the operation of the (facility).”

For details click here


Many concerned residents preparing to expose impacts of brine on sealife at Loma Linda meeting.

See http://www.swrcb.ca.gov/rwqcb8/board_info/agendas/2011/12_09/12-09-11_agenda.pdf  agenda item #10

Read more at Nick Gerda’s Voice of OC Post – Click Here



Message from R4RD President

The Coastal Commission will meet in Huntington Beach at City Hall on October 5th,  9 a.m..
We had thought that this would be our turn at bat but with things going
south in San Diego, R4RD, Coastkeeper and the Surfrider, expect at this point
we will take advantage of Public Comment time to simply remind the Commission
that we are here, this is OUR community, and that we remain vigilant  to an assault from a company that would
further negatively impact our ocean, our coastline and our community at large.

We would still like for as many of you as possible to show up and be accounted for.

R4RD supports neighbors in Costa Mesa and S.E. Huntington Beach that are fighting

to stop the further development of the Banning Ranch property with the building of 1400 new homes, and a 75 room hotel
on the Banning property.  So come and join us.  We will keep you updated on our
website, Facebook page, and my e-mail.
It is essential that we have YOUR e-mail address for these updates.

R4RD needs more volunteers to help cover meetings of water agencies in our area.  We also need help in contacting and
recruiting membership.  Nothing beats a phone call or a card from someone within your group to stay in contact.  Whatever you can spare, we will take.

Join us right now.  Together we cannot fail.  This is YOUR water folks.  Take back the tap!

Moshiri, President

for Responsible Desalination

Surfrider Legal Action, AES- Poseidon HB Site Future?

Surfrider takes appeal to 4th Appellate Court in San Diego –

Click here for details

 Joe Geever summarizes the implications of AES’s Sale of HB Units 3 and 4

Click here for details – 3 page overview

Listen to Redondo Beach Councilman Bill Brand argue that AES is just not needed any longer


Read Redondo Beach 86 page Action Plan against AES



 Why is Poseidon-HB Info Overwhelmed?

It is reasonably easy to tell if an organization is overwhelmed by information: slow, incomplete, error-prone, misleading messages are problematic clues. It should be instructive to decision makers and taxpayers to carefully study the messages that Poseidon’s Scott Maloni has provided the CCC over the last 6 years, and CCC’s  patient requests for corrected documentation.

Please read:



Milt Dardis has translated these 10 pages of CCC detail into a short list, and calls into question certain past and present HB City Council members ability to frame good sustainable questions about Poseidon’s intentions:

Milt notes that “The California Coastal Commission letter of 10 May 2011 is what the propagandist for the HB Political Machine is questioning. So let us take a gander at the facts that the California Coastal Commission has presented in the form of Questions to Poseidon Resources and the City of HB.

1.  As of May 2011 the 2006 Poseidon Resources application to build a desal plant remains incomplete.

2. Poseidon Resources has yet to apply for federal permits and its now 2011.

3. Poseidon Resources has not provided adequate responses for information since 2009

4. Poseidon Resources  2006 responses  are now  at odds  with more current and relevant data

5. Poseidon  Resources has yet to identify local discretionary permits and approvals needed to construct and operate the project

6. Poseidon Resources has yet to provide legal interest in properties within the coastal zone the would be used by the project

7. Poseidon Resources  has yet to provide water purchase agreements in place for water Poseidon Resources will generate

8.  The HB project had a projected construction and operational costs of $300 Million.  Yet, an identical facility in Carlsbad is now estimated to cost $700 Million.  Where did the $400 Million come from and what is the basis of these costs as the “total fools” will want to know.

There are other issues of effects on Marine Life and Water Quality that the “total fools” should be asking.  Intake velocities, marine life studies, expected flows and  discharge of salinity levels, wetlands, seismic dangers, noise factors, hazardous materials along the pipeline route and project costs.

—–/ Thanks, Milt –

Jerry Brown’s New Team & Water-Energy Integrated Policy?

Friday, March 4th was a busy day for R4 –

Starting at the Water Advisory Council of Orange County (WACO) at 7:30am, then moving to either the UCI event or the Green Vision event, we heard details of Gov. Brown’s team and budget-policy issues confounding lobbyists on almost all sides of the Water and Energy Integrated Management battlefield.

The semantics of whether California has enough water and energy, OR enough smart ways to manage water and energy conflicting values with leadership will continue: it is our intent to frame the semantics so that the larger picture is clear and a sustainable path can be negotiated.

It is especially encouraging to see new initatives to integrate both water planning and energy planning within Brown’s new team: a Sustainable Growth Council.

Desalination decisions, of course, bridge Water and Energy topics in terms of Economics, Ecology, and Equity.

Dave Rosenfield’s post yesterday about  Desal: Boondoggle or Panacea provides a useful summary of issues. Click here to see more.


Please click here to read more.

Read the SEIR at the City Website – Click here

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