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Where we stand now.

I want to thank R4RD and the community for all your hard work. While you probably don’t know it, the decision yesterday put a black cloud over similar desal proposals from Monterey to San Diego.

There is a “Poseidon clone” currently under consideration in Monterey. That proposal will be on-hold now. Our Monterey chapter thanks R4RD.
Poseidon said in the hearing that they would have to abide by the State Water Board rules once those rules are done. This is because of your advocacy — and now the Carlsbad plant is up for reconsideration (Poseidon said so). OUr San Diego Chapter thanks you.
As far as Huntington goes, several Commissioners said that if the best technology isn’t feasible in Huntington, Poseidon should look elsewhere. THAT’S HUGE — and we won’t let the COmission forget what they said.
So to answer the question:
They did not answer your appeal. Te appeal has been postponed indefinitely — FOR THE THIRD TIME IN SEVEN YEARS. Until they answer the appeal, we won’t know if Poseidon has to go back to the City. That doesn’t mean Poseidon won’t fund another negative ad campaign against Council members running for re-elction. They still might.
Again, a huge thanks to R4RD from your friends at Surfrider!!!
Onward and upward, Geev
Joe Geever
Surfrider Foundation
Water Programs Manager
PO Box 41033
Long Beach, CA 90853
(949) 636-8426

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