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August 2013

R4RD has written to the Coastal Commission and requested a November hearing with Poseidon in Newport Beach.   San Diego had been their choice but, my friends, this is OUR issue.  We have fought long and hard, we deserve to have the Commission hearing on our own territory.

We need to ramp it up!  What we lack in money, let’s make up in PEOPLE!

You can help.

Do you think your neighbors know enough about this expensive, needless project?  Then, lets educate them.  The Orange County Coastkeeper has provided a phone line you can call to have a Neighborhood Information Nite in your home for your neighbors.  We will provide the invitations and…..deliver them too!

Call 714-850-1965.

Just say “I’ll have an Information Nite at my house”……give a date and time and then your address.  We’ll do  the rest.  Its going to take the Village so get behind this.  You will be surprised how many people don’t realize their backyards and city streets are about to assaulted by the construction of a very large water delivery pipeline going from Newland up to the 405 Freeway in one direction, and a second pipeline from Newland to Hamilton, up Hamilton to Brookhurst to Adams.  10 Miles in total,  2 YEARS of added construction impacts to our neighborhoods from noise, dewatering, pipeline jacking, trucks and safety lighting to keep their materials safe from theft.  Oh yes, and on top of this………you get to have your water rates raised for water YOU don’t need!   You can tell the Coastal Commission YOU want NO PART of this deal at


They would LOVE to hear from you!   And its just that EASY.

The new dog in the fight is the Orange County Water District.  Their Board of Directors has just signed (over our loud objections) a Confidential Agreement with Poseidon to “study the feasibility of pursuing ocean desalination in Huntington Beach”.  Unable to trick water districts and cities associated with the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) into purchasing their super expensive water (after costs were revealed, only 2 districts remained interested out of 19) Poseidon has turned to the Orange County Water District instead.  These folks say they just might purchase ALL of Poseidon’s water all by themselves and then turn around and sell it to YOU whether you want it or not!  Whether you NEED IT or not!  NO CHOICE!   Would YOU like to tell  OCWD how you feel about this intrusion on your rights as a RATE PAYER?   The designated e-mail to register your complaint can be found at


Just go right to it and simply say   “NO DEAL WITH POSEIDON”.   Do it today…………right now!  This bunch needs to know we mean business.  No “exploration”, no pipeline, no rate increase.

We need to know you support our efforts.  We are starting a Leader Board that will contain the names, phone numbers and/or e-mail address of everyone who will attend the Coastal Commission meeting.  We need to get our ducks order starting right now.   Send us your response or even call the Coastkeeper number 714-850-1965.    We have a Facebook page  at Facebook.com/NoDealWithPoseidon.   You can reach us also at NoWaterDeal.com.

Our plans also include the old fashioned “phone Tree”.  If you would help us call our members to alert them to the Coastal Commission meeting, we can give you a list to call.

So……….there it is folks.  Neighborhood Information Nite, Facebook, Coastkeeper number, Orange County Water District e-mail address.  GET BUSY!  Poseidon ALREADY IS!  We can do this.

Merle Moshiri, President

Residents for Responsible Desalination

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