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Oct 1, 2013 Time is short!

October 1, 2013

Lace your sneakers! Our date at the California Coastal Commission has been set for Nov. 13 – 14th at the Civic Center in Newport Beach. We will keep you posted on the exact time and day, but for now……there it is! Your opportunity to stand and deliver to protect our community, YOUR backyard from this offensive, unnecessary and destructive project on our coast.

The first thing you need to do is mark your calendars for Wednesday, Nov. 7th, at 7 p.m., Eader Elementary School, for our R4RD Town Hall meeting. Members of the City Council, supportive to our efforts to defeat Poseidon at the Coastal Commission hearing, have been invited to answer your questions and give you direction on helping us present our side of the saga to the Commission. We will need you and your neighbors front and center. Numbers COUNT. If we can draw 700 people to defeat the Bridge……….surely we can bring you back to stop a 54” pipeline (two years in construction) through 10 miles of our S. E. community to bring unnecessary desalinated water to South Orange County. Keep in mind folks, this ISN’T for us! We HAVE water! And South Orange County is piloting it’s OWN desalination plant at Doheny Beach. Leave us OUT OF IT!
Do your neighbors know about Poseidon Resources? If you think they could use more information, hold an Information Nite at your house. We will send a team and do the invitations too. To set up a time and date (courtesy of O.C. Coastkeeper) call 714-850-1965.

R4RD members have walked 6,000 flyers in the past two months. We could use your help. The information is the same as it was 8 years ago. The only thing that has changed is the cost of building the plant up from approximately $200,000,000 to over $1BILLION now! And it is no longer a private venture. You and I get to “help” now via an “interesting public/private venture” that seeks public subsidies and the sale of tax exempt bonds from a State agency. This project will indebt our water agencies for 30 years and raise your water bills.

Get involved via the internet. Join us at www.nowaterdeal.com and sign on to canvass your street. E-mail the Coastal Commission at HuntingtonBeachdesalcomments@coastal.ca.gov and tell them NO DEAL WITH POSIEDON. R4RD can be reached online at www.r4rd.org .

With this letter, we are enclosing two postcards for you. Let us know if you need more. Put a stamp on them and get them back to the Coastal Commission asap.
If we can stop a 19th street bridge from being built, we can put an end to this monstrosity from being inflicted on our schools, home, and streets. The time has come and it is for ALL of us to do our part. It requires the same COMMUNITY effort and participation we have always been capable of doing.

Commit to attending the Town Hall Meeting November 7th. Bring your neighbors.

Send in the cards to the Coastal Commission.

Write us a note on your renewal envelope and tell us how you can help.

Hold an Information Nite for your block.

We have 6 weeks to bring a stop to this nonsense. Lets DO IT!

Merle Moshiri, President
Residents for Responsible Desalination

This is OUR TIME!

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