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“We don’t need it.” Says the Sierra Club

We don’t need it!

Ocean desalination:

…is highly energy intensive and expensive,

…and will hinder other water supply options that are less costly and better for the environment, such as water conservation, wastewater recycling, and stormwater harvesting.

The Poseidon proposal has not even gotten approval from local and regional water agencies. None have committed to purchasing Poseidon’s water.

We don’t want it!

The Poseidon project uses outdated and environmentally harmful technology that:

…unnecessarily kills marine life through its open intake system,

…degrades water quality from the brine discharge,

…uses more energy than any other water supply option.

Desal plants can be designed to minimize marine life mortality, water quality degradation, and coastal habitat degradation.  The State Water Resource Control Agency is currently gathering information from scientific experts on proper site, design and technology for ocean desalination proposals. But Poseidon’s project does not meet any of these recommendations.

Tell the Coastal Commission:

·         To deny the Poseidon permits.

·         Poseidon’s proposal does not meet the recommendations of the science community.

·         The project would threaten marine life, degrade water quality, and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

·         There is no demonstrated need for desalinated water in Huntington Beach.

·         Ocean desalination should be an option of last resort.  Better water supply options that protect our coast and ocean should be fully implemented before approving ocean desalination facilities. Orange County hasn’t done that yet.

The Coastal Commission has a duty to uphold the state Coastal Act by:

·         Restoring and protecting marine life;

·         Restoring and protecting ocean water quality and habitat value;

·         Restoring and protecting coastal wetlands, sensitive coastal habitat, and wildlife.

The Poseidon proposal violates all of these Coastal Act policies.


Jennifer Hodgen Robinson
Conservation Program Coordinator 
Sierra Club Angeles Chapter 
3435 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 660 
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1904 
213-387-4287 x204

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